Use results from one search in another query

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How do I take the results of one query and use it in another. I want to take the results of trackedsessions and use it in the tile query. (i.e. tile/trackedsessions)

tracked sessions:
| eval View=case(like(publishId,"%U"),"unsubscribed",like(publishId,"%S"),"subscribed")
| transaction startswith="Enter" endswith="Timeout" or "Exit" by deviceID View
| table View deviceID eventcount

| stats count(deviceID) as count by View

| stats count(tile) as tile, count as trackedsessions
| eval percentage=round((tile/trackedsessions*100),2)

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Hi dwong2,

there are multiple options for this problem, but it is hard to provide the one solution that works best for you without more details.

So, lets start with using a sub search: Use the search that returns the least results in the sub search, this is because sub searches have some limits that can bight you .

A simple example would be :

 index=2 [ search index=1 | fields SomeFieldYouWant | format ] 

That will search index=2 for a single result found in index=1

The next level is to use return with a sub search:

 index=2 [ search index=1 | fields SomeFieldYouWant | return ] 

That will search index=2 for a list of OR results found in index=1

The much better option is to ignore all kinds of sub searches, joins, appends, transactions at all and just use stats ; Read more about the stats approach here or here the March 2016 session of @sideview

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS