Unable to load apps in Splunk - winsock error 10054

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I browse to my splunk host from my local PC, log in, then click 'Splunk Apps'.

I see 'Browse More Apps'.

Under that, "Error connecting: Winsock error 10054".

Ultimately, I need to install the Palo Alto Firewall App. (Then learn how to make that work.)

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I am having the exact same problem.. I doubt I have access to the internet in Splunk because my instance is running locally. I'm not sure I follow when you say go to apps > install apps from file. Can someone please go into a bit more detail?

Thanks in advance!

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I figured out my issue. First, the server and my admin logon do not have internet access.

From my desktop, I can browse to the Splunk console.

It turns out the network I'm in has an odd problem. From my desktop, I can get out where I need to. But, if I RDP to any devices using my admin logon (which is restricted) my desktop somehow inherits that restriction and I can't get out at all. After I disconnect that restrictive RDP session and wait a few minutes; all is well. I was able to install the Palo Alto App and Plug In.

Now, to figure out how to configure that.

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hello there:

does your splunk server has connectivity to the outside world? (internet)
you can try and download the app to your laptop and then go to apps -> install apps from file and pick the download
or you can untar and manually copy to the .../etc/apps/ directory.
for the PAN app youll need the TA for PAN as well

hope it helps

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