Unable To Forward Data To Splunk Cloud From Linux

Under my free trial version of Splunk Cloud, I am trying to send data from linux instance to splunk cloud.
I created an EC2 and configured the Universal Forwarder over it by following this documentation

Following this doc, after setting the deploy poll on my linux instance(where universal forwarder is installed), I can see the IP of my instance under available host (Setting-> Add data-> forward) in my splunk cloud. I select this host and for configuring source in my splunk cloud, I select the file or directory say as /var/log/auth.log.

I can't see anything in my search even if I do * and select time as all time.

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Hi tarunchawla28,

Have you enabled the receiver? Refer this link:

Also in your search tab can u check index=* and run the query

Let me know if this helps!!

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Did the whole thing again. After some time, I got the data from my linux instance. Can't say why it took time.

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