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Is there any tutorial that could get me going with a simple setup of remotely monitored systems?
For example a Splunk Enterprise running on win and monitoring a *nix box.
What I would like to see is CPU, memory, etc. utilization charts and diagrams.

I had a look at the related Splunk Apps, but I miss the step-by-step configuration manual from their documentation. I'm not interested in understanding their internals at the moment, but seeing some metrics on a shiny UI.

Could you point me to such documentations? Something that a trained monkey could follow as well.


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Re: Tutorial for dummies


See following Splunk documentations:-

See sections

Configure Forwarding
Deploy the universal forwarders

With this you should have your forwarder setup in UNIX box sending data to your Splunk Instance (Windows).

After that install "Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux" on your forwarder and enable required inputs.