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Is there a way to trouble-shoot page loading slowness? I've been debugging SSO/Siteminder/LDAP issues, but I don't see any specific issues. However, the local account responsiveness is significantly better than SSO/LDAP logins. I have one app with a page that I'd like to use for testing, but not sure if there is a way to see what's going on, hopefully by enabling some additional logging. Any suggestions?

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Hmmm. Well, I don't have a great answer but two things I would start with:

  1. Use a browser tool like httpwatch or Chrome developer tools inspect the differences of the http object processing times and see if there's anything that stands out
  2. Be lazy and open a support ticket to get our support to help dig deeper into what about the remote auth could be hurting.
  3. Looks at _internal for errors and differences in the volume for duration of messages related to page loads with and without the SSO

You might as well also check the ping time from the search heads to the ldap host. If the rout trip time is an order of magnitude more than your round trip time from search head to indexers then you probably have a classic network latency issue.

I'm expecting someone smarter on this topic to hop in and correct me though...

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