Trigger and send mail after 15th occurrence based on threshold breach

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My requirement is : I have create real time schedule which will run for every 2 mins (cron schedule) based on the CPU Utilization crossed threshold value and mail should not trigger after 2 mins.
Mail has to trigger after 15th occurrence (ie after 15 * 2mins = 30 mins) if the threshold value crosses 98 %.

Please let me know how to check for the above condition to send mail after 15th occurrence if it cross threshold value.

Below is the query;
| table Host,"Process ID", "Instance"," % CPU Time" |sort " % CPU Time" desc | head 10
| eval "Alert Status" = case(('% CPU Time'<=manual_threshold3),"NORMAL", (' % CPU Time'>manual_threshold4),"CRITICAL", (' % CPU Time'>manual_threshold3 AND ' % CPU Time'<=manual_threshold4),"WARNING")
| search "Alert Status"="CRITICAL"
| table Host,"Process ID","Instance"," % CPU Time","Alert Status"


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Is this also you(r question)?

In any case, I have the same answer:
The way to do this is to write out the results of this search to a lookup file with ... | outputlookup. Then create another scheduled search that runs on a different cron schedule that mines the outputs of the first search using | inputlookup ... and applies your throttling/email logic. This second search (or even a third search) can trim/cleanup the lookup so that it doesn't grow out of control in size.

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