Tokens not being resolved by SearchManager


I am creating a SearchManager

  var detailSearch = new SearchManager({
    id: 'detailSearch',
    earliest_time: '-24h@h',
    latest_time: 'now',
    preview: true,
    cache: false,
    search: '| inputlookup dc_enrichment where _key IN ($parm_add_selection$)' +
  }, {tokens: true, tokenNamespace: 'submitted'});

and all works fine. However, I am then clearing the search to stop if re-running when the $parm_add_selection$ token changes with

      search.settings.set('search', null);

When I put back the original search with the search.settings.set(), the search does not find the results, because the search does not resolve the token and in the search.log shows it is trying to search for $parm_add_selection$

Does anyone know what the

{tokens: true, tokenNamespace: 'submitted'}

statement does in the initial constructor and if that is relevant to the problem?

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Looks like if I wrap the re-setting of the original string in mvc.tokenSafe(), it then works.

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