Table data formatting incorrect in alert emails


Prior to our 6.1 upgrade, saved searches that sent emails that contained inline results of data in a table were viewable just as they are presented in the web UI. Now that we have upgraded to 6.1 the message portion of the results has lost all formatting and is run together. The message is windows event log data and I have before and after examples but currently my karma is too low to allow me to upload them.

Can anyone assist in this issue? I can email or pm examples of the issue I am having.



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Saw this just now. Turned out to be an bug with Splunk 6.1 . It can be rectified by making the change in I no longer have the full details of this, so the best thing is to contact Splunk support.

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We are having the same issue. Customers are complaining about this. Stack traces are unreadable.

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