Sync Y Axis Between Two Charts

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I know the answer to this is "no," but I wanted to verify, since it was requested.

If I have two side-by-side stacked area charts showing response types for two Servers, one which handles 4000 Hits Per Second, one which handles 1000 Hits Per Second, is there any way to sync the scale of the Y axis, so that it doesn't visually appear that they're handling the same amount of traffic?

Edit: I initially left out that I need it to be dynamic, so that if, for another pair of servers, one has 200 and the other 75, it will also look reasonable.

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You can manually override the scale of any graph, under your xml for you dashboard, add in your scale marker (edit dashboard, down at the bottom choose "edit name/XML"

Place this in the charts you wish to modify:

 <option name="charting.axisY">numeric</option>
 <option name="charting.axisY.minimumNumber">0</option>
 <option name="charting.axisY.maximumNumber">4000</option>

This is for simple dashboards, if you need the "advanced" xml let me know. Make sure this is between the < chart > and < /chart > tags

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Splunk Employee

Ah, my apologies for leaving this out - I need it to be dynamically assigned, so that if I look at two other servers that do 200 and 75 hits per second, it won't be completely out of scale.

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