Storing the SPLUNK logs on hard disks (different from C partition)



I'v just installed the physical server and the SPLUNK application.
Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64 - SPLUNK).
On this server there is a RAID 5 and 2 partitions C (80GB) and D (500GB).

The system and the SPLUNK is installed on the "C" drive.

I'would like to store much more data than 80GB. So the system partition is not enough.
I wold like to store the SPLUNK data (logs etc) on D partition.

Is there such a possibility or I will have to reinstall this server and create one big partition for system and SPLUNK?


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Hi, i can see the path index, but i can not change it? Can you think of any reason?

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@alberttra This question is almost 7 years old so you're unlikely to get many responses. You should post a new question.

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You can designate the location of the indexes under "Manager» System settings» General settings". From there scroll down to Index Settings and designate the new Path to indexes. You should be able to point it to your second partition there.