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Has anyone come across the following issue where Splunk web loads but gets stuck at Loading prompt?

alt text

This was noticed after we upgraded ES app via deployer(5.0.0 -> 5.2.2). But we are also having some SHC related issue so not sure if this is anything related to a setting in Splunk ES app or completely unrelated.

Splunk version is on

Any help is appretiated..


~ Abhi

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Another consideration could be if Splunk is being redirected through a Gateway, Load Balancer, etc.

Busy Gateways can timeout depending on several variables...

For the purposes of this question, this possibility should be ruled out if it is not a factor.

If it is a factor, switch to Developer mode in your browser (F12), and that should display all communications, good and bad, from client to server.

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It started working by changing WebSSL to true in web.conf

enableSplunkWebSSL = 1

Since we are doing SSL on the LB URL, local https setting was conflicting and hence we had to change individual cluster members to http. Does anyone know if this is a bug where http gets stuck at Loading? This was working earlier and only change was upgrade of Splunk ES.

~ Abhi

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