Splunk forwarder doesnt read recreated files



does anybody knows how to index files overwritten by crontab ?

On the server we have running several cronjobs. Each job creating a file. Everytime, when cronjob is running file will be overwritten.

*/1 * * * * > output.txt 2>&1

How to setup splunkforwarder to read overwritten files ? Another question, how to disable this strange CRC mechanismus for splunkforwarder. I have more problems with this tool that help...

In the splunkforwarder logs I see all the time this:

INFO  WatchedFile - Checksum for seekptr didn't match, will re-read entire file=

Inputs.conf file You can find here:

sourcetype = uptime
source = uptime
crcSalt = <SOURCE>
followTail = 0
index = products
disabled = 0

I tested almost everything. Splunk doesnt read it...

Would be perfect if somebody could support me.



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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Can you paste an example of the output of this file? What does the props.conf look like?

Maybe add:


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