Splunk for non-streaming data (structured)



I will be using Splunk for non-streaming information. The reason I am using Splunk is a) my company already has licenses and b) the power of transforming data into visualizations.

I am using a Postgres database. I expect to update Splunk with new data 1-3 times a day, as the information does not change frequently. The biggest goal is visualization of employee timesheets and project man hours for executive decisions on ROI and financial considerations.

I am looking for recommended blogs/articles/documents/books on using Splunk for business analysis, but without the focus on streaming data.

Does anyone have any good resources, or can share their own insights?

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I'm not sure if you're using Splunk DB Connect yet, but if you're looking at using Postgres data with Splunk, I'm sure you are. If not, this is a lifesaver for using Splunk to visualize DB data.

Next, D3 visualizations and other Splunkbase visualizations are key. Seriously.
a favorite visualization of mine. this is great to visualize timesheets if you're logging by project. the "y-axis" can be employee and each color of the gantt chart is a project. it really honestly depends on how the timesheets are logged (if they have start/end times or just logged hours/week)

tons of visualizations are available here . all d3, so you need to add them to the app's folder, but this makes Splunk really customizable.

If you're going to .conf2018, i could talk your ear off on this topic. This is my world. Also, you can find me on slack if you want to talk more.

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