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I am researching the use of Splunk to pull system event logs out of SalesForce. I am new to Splunk and would like to know if anybody has use or have it successfully working in their organization. Also, what API or connector is needed and any type of logs that Splunk is able to pull out of SalesForce.

Can splunk retrieve system logs from SalesForce?

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We have just released a new module called 'SkyFormation Extend' that is doing exactly this.
"SkyFormation Extend © for Splunk extracts and enriches security events from multiple business cloud applications (e.g. Salesforce, Google App) and transforms them to unified and actionable stream of security events sent into the organization’s Splunk. SkyFormation Extend© sends its security events to Splunk where they can be stored, analyzed and acted upon according to the organization’s regulations and security needs.".

This is a Java app you can install at on-premise on any machine you want, and it will take you 5 minutes to set it up.

Please have a look at:

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Have a go with the REST API Modular Input to connect to Salesforce and index the system events.

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