Splunk apps directory structure and extensibility

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We have a requirement to create some complex scripts and enrichment, which may not fit with the current directory structure of Splunk apps as per below image. We have focused on "bin" "local" "lookups" specifically where by
1. the enrichment lookup is a json/xml
2. Trying to put a flexible JSON file in the "local" directory for the end customer to amend (without need of another spec file)

(Of course we know we can inject everything into bin directory which we don't want to)

alt text

So ultimately,
we are looking for
(a) .json or .xml file in lookups for end user to enrich certain items (not just csv)
(b) .json file in "default OR local" for end user to add logic

Do you know if there are any file interrogation done by Splunk? i.e. if we put a json file in the "default/local" directories, will it cause problems in cluster environments while replicating?

If there is no way, I'm planning to extend bin to have a type of directory structure for the end-user to amend/add logic.

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Hi @koshyk,
if you don't use extensions ".conf", I don't think that you can have problems.
Anyway, why don't you use the appserver folder instead the "local" folder?


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the Reason is to give the end-user ability to update the config similar to Splunk. They are comforable with "local" directory and all changes will be limited to "local" directory.
But as you observed, the "appserver" directory is equally good as bin" directory.

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