Splunk and Salesforce


We are trying to get Salesforce (in the cloud) logs into our Splunk installation.

Has anyone else experienced this, and can you give advice on a good way to get the logs from Salesforce (an external provider) into your internal Splunk system?

We have some ideas but would be interested to hear of others' experiences.

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Yes we have just build a tool doing that for multiple cloud apps sending the events to Splunk or other SIEM solutions.

Have a look at

This is our module called 'SkyFormation Extend' that is doing exactly this for any business cloud app as Salesforce, Google App, ServiceNow, Office 365 and more. We extarct the events unified and classify them then send to Splunk ready for action.
It is a Java app you can install as on-premise on any machine you want, and it will take you 5 minutes to set it up.


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Hello ,
We are trying to do the same.
Would you like to share your experience of implementing this with us ?

My email id is :

Vijay Bhavsar, India

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