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I am actually inquiring about the list of products which SPLUNK supports ?
How does splunk collects data from a device (say sourcefire) which does not support syslog communication and has its own custom API (estreamer)? There can be number of devices with their own Custom API? SO, how can I can be sure of collecting logs from that device to SPLUNK enterprise server

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can see the list of apps where Splunk is the author: This is not a perfect match for apps that carry the official "Splunk Supported" designation. There are apps on this list that are currently community supported. But it does include all the Splunk Supported apps as far as I can see.



Sorry. I never see any list of "Splunk supported product". I believe that Splunk can support many products.

But you may not need the list.
You may use "Cisco eStreamer for Splunk" app to handle Sourcefile products.

You can get Cisco eStreamer for Splunk from Splunk App.

Could you check readme information? It explains how you need to setup.

You might know whether Splunk can support without your great efforts or not, if you search your target product's names in Splunk App site.


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