Splunk ServieNow integration for raising Change Request


Hi Team,

I have a requirement where i have to integrate Service Now(Kingston )Version with Splunk and feed the data from one table of Splunk to ServiceNow for raising Change request and once Approved if possible update the same sheet back to Splunk ,TO achieve this i have some queries and if some one already tries this please share your view and guide me how to achieve this?

1) How to Fetch the details from table and feed it back to SNOW for raising Change Request?
2) How would I check if the data is flowing in-between these two applications?

I do have concern whether Splunk support Kingston Servicenow version or not?


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this can be achieved by developing custom command or custom alert action.
It requires python script and the script can be developed to handle your requirement.

There are no ready-made solution or apps are available.

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In the case of the ServiceNow API, which promotes itself as use for the Unauthorized Change feature of ServiceNow... it requires custom python scripting? Can that be fact-checked please?

Why would this capability be promoted as a main point if it couldn't do it?

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Hello, i have similar requirement, whether you were able to achieve the same?

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