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Hi All,

I just wanted to do the Splunk power user certification, can you please let me know the process and cost, meanwhile i am having couple of queries

1) I have gone through the certification module tab, whether it is mandatory to register for Splunk power user certification module course before taking the exam , can't we take directly the exam(if yes what is the cost)

2)Incase of my company is not providing the cost of examination and i want to do myself , whether the costing factor will come while registering for the course or can i register freely for course and need to the pay the cost only while taking exam,

please clarify the same

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You cannot take directly the exam. You need to do the required courses first.

For Power User Certification these are the courses:
- Using Splunk
- Searching and Reporting with Splunk
- Creating Splunk Knowledge Objects
- Splunk Infrastructure Overview (eLearning)

You can check prices and info about all the course in the Splunk Education site:

Check the Calendar section for incoming courses and the prices

you can always send an email to