Splunk DB Connect and Oracle VPD (Virtual Private Databases): Is there a way to execute a stored proc to set a user context?



In my gathering of how Splunk DB Connect works, it appears it's not possible to execute a stored proc to set a user context.

Is there a way to support this in DB Connect?

I want to execute the following to set VPD context:


Any ideas how to get that working?

Thank you

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The JDBC interface only allows simple DML commands: primarily SELECT. It does not allow for the execution of stored procedures or maintain session state between command executions. If you need to do something like this, then use a pipelined function to return the entire table, and include the dbms_session call as part of the function. You can then select from the function as follows:

select your_function() from dual;

There is information on pipelined functions here.

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