Splunk Citrix monitoring


Hello All,

What are the addons available for citrix monitoring for the version 7.x?

I have seen some Add-ons/Apps available in splunkbase as listed in the image,do we have any other addons available?

And listed Add-ons version compatibly doesnt have a clarity,could anyone help me on that?alt text

Below are the products I am looking for:

Citrix 7.15
Citrix PVS
Citrix Storefront
Citrix Director
Citrix NetScaler
Citrix License 11.15
AppSense 10.1 FR4

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If you don't see the add-on in Splunkbase then it's not available from Splunkbase. It's possible the Citrix web site has Splunk add-ons available, however.

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