Splunk 8.0.2 - Could not load lookup=LOOKUP-app4_for_windows_security

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Recently we've upgraded from Splunk 7.0.2 to 8.0.2. Splunk is running on a Redhat Linux server. I've installed the corresponding UniversalForwarder 8.0.2 on two Windows servers. Also all installed apps and addons were updated to the most recent versions.
While executing searches or additional apps I keep getting the error "Could not load lookup=LOOKUP-app4_for_windows_security".
Anyone any idea how to solve this ? I'm pretty new to Splunk so any help is appreciated highly.

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It has to do with the fact that there was a switch in the Splunk_TA_windows from sourcetype as differentiator to source. Start with this search SPL to see the now-broken lookup file data:

|inputlookup windows_apps

If this pulls up data (it definitely will if you go into the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure app which is the app that owns this lookup file), then expand to this SPL and run it to upgrade the lookup file to be compatible with the changes in the upgraded Splunk_TA_windows:

|inputlookup windows_apps
| eval sourcetype=source
|outputlookup windows_apps

See here for TLDR:

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