Splunk 4.2.2 - Logs off by several Hours

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Good Morning,

We recently upgraded our Splunk Instance to version 4.2.2, today we noticed that several of our logs are off by a few hours. Currently it is 10:40 AM (CST) time, but when you log-in and look at the search, it's several hours in the future:
alt text

Our environment comprises of:
A. Splunk Indexer -- Version 4.2.2
B. Splunk Forwarders -- Pre 4.2 (Most are on 4.1.x versions)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

--Asif Ahmad

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Well the funny thing, is that it seems to be working in our TEST environment. So I'm trying to figure out what's the difference between TEST and PRODUCTION.

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I see.

Unfortunately, unless you can find any more specific information about the two environments, I don't believe there is much other help I can give here; Digging through them to find the differences is something you'll have to tackle yourself...

If there are different .conf files for TEST and PRODUCTION, I would still recommend looking at the timezones set for each. Also, which environment did you upgrade to 4.2.2?

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Splunk might be confused about your timezone; maybe the upgrade messed with your .conf files somehow?

Here's the documentation page on timestamps. It explains how to set up time-related options far better than I could:

Hope this helps.

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