Solaris 10 Univ Fwdr install


What is the correct file for installing to Solaris 10?

Also, the installation manual talks about installing as if there is a package. Yet the SunOS file does not include a package, just files & folders. Where are the instructions for installing this??

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Re: Solaris 10 Univ Fwdr install

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Well, splunkforwarder-4.3.1-119532-solaris-8-sparc.pkg.Z is a package

and splunkforwarder-4.3.1-119532-SunOS-sparc.tar.Z is a tarball

You can choose either one, as long as you're on Sparc. If you're on Intel, pick one of the other. I agree that the naming of the package as 'solaris-8' is a bit confusing, but I guess that it only wants to show that it's the correct package for Solaris 8 or newer.

I haven't used the tarball, but I assume that it's more along the lines of;

tar -zxvf splunkforwarder-4.3.1-119532-SunOS-sparc.tar.Z && make && make install

Ask your Solaris admin for the correct syntax. Please note that the 'splunk' account in the OS does not get created automatically when installing from a tarball.

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Re: Solaris 10 Univ Fwdr install


No Splunk tarball install needs make or make install. The tarball contains binaries and python scripts and libraries.