Security Key in server.conf


what is the diff between the security key in the clustering stanza and the key in the general stanza in server.conf ?

Should the same key be used for both the shcluster and the indexer cluster ?

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Re: Security Key in server.conf



so the server.conf general key is a unique key that get's generated on first startup. It will be "salted" with a server unique value. Don't use this one for clustering.

For indexer clustering you should use an identical passphrase on all servers.
Something like: "applepie" ... which then after a restart gets converted into a hash using the server unique "salt" again.

You can use a different one for SH-Cluster, but you don't have to.

The important part is that you don't copy the "hashed" value... you should manually set the cleartext password and then restart the system.

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