Search Time Modifiers behave strangely with half-hour timezones. What's going on?



The Search Time Modifiers do not work properly when half hour time zones are set.
(There are very few countries who still follow half hour time zones.

We cannot set timezone on splunk to these countries' local timezone.

Earlier there were questions raised on this:

Is this a bug? Before opening a case with Splunk, I thought of checking with splunkers here.



Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

From the information provided in those answers, I don't have the whole picture.

For example if the data is expressed in IST, and the searcher is in a timezone such as UTC or America/New_York, then -1h@h should snap to an hour-boundary in the user's timezone which would look like half-hour boundaries in the IST expressed time.

However it seems that people are saying that when the data is in IST and the user is in IST that -1@h maps to a half-hour boundary. That would be a defect.

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