[SPLUNK4JMX] add Customer MBeans



I have a customer, with some customer Java MBeans with a hierarchy in 3 levels. This looks like

1. Sublevel
2. Sublevel
and the MBean with attributes and values

The configuration for MBeans domain java.lang was no problem and works fine.
The test with the wildcard failed.

<mbean domain="root-level" properties="type=*"">
            <!-- simple array attributes -->
            <attribute name="attr1:part1" outputname="attri1Out"/>
            <attribute name="attr2:part2" outputname="attri2Out"/>            

How is it possible to connect to the customer MBeans?

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1) Can you post a screenshot of what the custom MBean looks like in JConsole that shows the MBean's domain , properties and attributes ?

2) Can you post any errors from the splunk logs ? index=_internal ExecProcessor error

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