SAML User deletion from Search Head Cluster


How do I delete SAML users from Search Head Cluster?
I tried removing from stand-alone Search Head(Dev environment) using below command, successfully did that.
curl -k -u admin:{password} --request DELETE https://{..hostname}:8089/services/admin/SAML-user-role-map/{user_id}
and then manually delted user directory from /splunk_home/etc/users/

But, when I'm running this command at SH cluster(production) it is giving me error:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to URI port 8089: connection time out

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Hi Harsmarvania57,
Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, I’ve tried that command on one of the SH cluster member and also, the management port is 8089. Still receiving error.

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Have you tried to run command on one of the SHC member directly, if not then try below command? Additionally you need to check whether SHC members are running Splunk management port on 8089 or not, if they are running management port on another port then you need to use that port.

curl -k -u admin:password --request DELETE https://localhost:8089/services/admin/SAML-user-role-map/{user_id}
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