Run Splunk query through excel

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I am new to Splunk and still learning..

I have more than 100 queries to run when asked during a daily activity and its a pain to copy and do a paste each and every time asked to run by the team for some kind of validation..

Is there any way I can simply run them through excel like a click on query [ by making it as link ] and it simply deploy splunk in browser and run the query? Or any other option to serve the purpose ?

any help would be appreciated..


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Maybe this can be done using lookups and the API. You'd load your spreadsheet as a lookup, then use API calls to read that lookup and execute each record (SPL Query) in your spreadsheet. Now that I think about it, you'd have to create a bash or python script to do this, I think.

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I'd answer the same like skoelpin, maybe I can add that you can save your queries as reports and your users can access them whenever they need.

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Sounds like a dashboard with multiple panels would be a better option. Also consider scheduled searches which can email results or trigger another action.

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