Retrieving sub fields using Add-On for JIRA


Is there any more documentation on how to use the jira.conf file? The documentation only says

"Configure which keys to display in the table with the keys, timekeys, and customkeys fields."

I am running the command | jira issues 22618 | table Key Summary Assignee Created "Affected Systems"

Assignee is coming out as a multi field value, all i really want is displayName.

The following regex works

| jira issues 22618 | rex field=Assignee ".\"name\": \"(?\w+)\""| rex field=Assignee ".\"displayName\": \"(?[^\"]+)\"," | table Assigneeuserid AssigneedisplayName Assignee

Is this something I can configure with the jira.conf file or should I run the regex ?

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Re: Retrieving sub fields using Add-On for JIRA


hey @jennjoe1

According to my experience,If your search is not heavy time/process consuming then I think it is better not to touch .conf files .
but you want to do that then you should make changes in props.conf and transforms.conf in a local directory of jira i.e. jira/local/ copy the file from default and make changes in local
Use normal method to extract fileds refer below link:

Let me know if this helps!

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