Resource usage for multiple hosts, grouped together.



Would it be possible to group hosts resource usage in a standard dashboard , similar to the DMC 's stats. :


alt text

But have data from forwarders and not Splunk hosts ?

Using Splunk 6.6 and Heavy Forwarders that send in all data.


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Hi there,

I don't think the ability to monitor resource usage is native in Splunk forwarders, but you can install Splunk official apps that certainly can, i.e. (Splunk add-on for unix and Linux (or whatever OS you require)). The grouping of these values can be easily done with searches i.e. (host1 AND host2 | timchart cpu_usage).

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More interested in the grouping as in the image above.

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It might not be the cleanest way but you could possibly use a series of single value visualisations, other than that I'm not really sure.

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