Recommended naming convention for saved reports, searches, events, etc?

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Is there an established naming convention for saved reports, searches, events and suchlike in Splunk?

If not, does anyone have any suggestions based on successful usage?

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Since this was one of the first answers on a Google Search, I figured I'd add this:

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Not sure if there is a Splunk standard, but it does make it nice to come up with a standard naming convention to organize your searches.

For example I begin some of my search names with audit (ex: audit_fails, audit_successful). Then under my app I go into manager - user interface - navigation menus - default and added the following under

So any time I create a search with the word audit it automaticly gets placed in the searches menu . I have another for my Database searches that I start with db_ (ex db_group1, db_group2) so it can get organized in a menu just for them so I am not scrolling through my other search to find them.

Some good reading would be:

This one talks about the helpfulness of naming conventions:

Hope this helps


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