REMOVE SPLUNK PACKAGE in Solaris 11.3 SPARC server

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I need to remove the splunk pkg version currently running on a server Solaris 11.3 SPARC,
when I run the pkg uninstall command in dry mode I see that it will be removing 2 pkgs shell/ksh and splunkforwarder,
I am not sure why it will remove shell/ksh since I have asked only to remove the splunkforwarder pkg.
Any suggestion will be great. Thanks.

server1# pkg uninstall -nv application/splunkforwarder --> dry run
Packages to remove: 2
Estimated space available: 330.61 GB
Estimated space to be consumed: 197.91 MB
Create boot environment: No
Create backup boot environment: No
Rebuild boot archive: No

Changed packages:
20110208,5.11- -> None
7.0.2,4104575081487:20180125T230423Z -> None

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