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Hi Guys,

There's any query in the splunk web that I'm able to see if the splunkd is not running in a forwarder?


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Tks @woodcock, @cusello and @niketnilay

I'll try this solutions.

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I would use tstats like this:

| tstats count max(_indextime) AS _time WHERE index="_*" AND host="YourHostHere"

You can build an alert from there.


@wvalente, there could be several ways to identify this.

1) By _internal index has already been called out by Giuseppe. For remaining like:
2) metadata command
3) REST api with lastPhoneHomeTime

| rest /services/deployment/server/clients

4) Distributed Monitoring Console to monitor deployment status, which uses above REST API.

Refer to answer by @DalJeanis which compiles all these and more 🙂

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Hi wvalente,
you can check if your forwarders are sending logs to Splunk, reasons for this situations could be many (splunkd not running, network problems, host down, etc...) but anyway I think that you should check if a forwarder is sending logs and not if slunkd is running, anyway if there are other problems you cannot receive logs from the forwarder!

So, to check if a forwarder is sending logs you can search on _internal

index=_internal host=your_host

if you don't receive logs there's a problem.

You can create an alert using a lookup (calling e.g. perimeter.csv) containing all the hosts to monitor and running e.g. every 5 minutes the following search:

| eval host=upper(host)
| stats count by host
| append [ 
     | inputlookup perimeter.csv
     | eval host=upper(host), count=0
     | fields host count
| stats sum(count) AS Total by host
| where Total=0

In this way, hosts where Total=0 are missing and hosts where Total>0 are sending logs.
You can also show host status in a dashboard (also in graphic mode).