Pull a specific event from Splunk

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We have a portal that is used by the SOC for malware investigations. The portal has the ability to login to Splunk & conduct searches.

How can I generalise the search to match the particular event. For example:

Source IP: A.B.C.D
Target IP: D.E.F.G
Date & Time: 22/02/2017 14:00

Our aim is to pull the specific event from Splunk.

The IP & date/time will change for each event.

Thanks heaps.

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You're probably looking for a dashboard with form inputs?

If so, create inputs for the source ip, target ip, and a time range picker. Then use a search something like this:

index=foo sourcetype=bar src="$src_token$" dest="$dest_token$"

Configure the search to use the time range picker.

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Thanks heaps martin_mueller. I will test this out.

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