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I'd like to know if there's any possibility to process the user input before executing a search but without harming the performance. At the moment I have this two text inputs:

{% textinput id="originatorKey" value="$originatorKey$"|token_safe %}

{% textinput id="recipientKey" value="$recipientKey$"|token_safe %}

Now imagine the user inputs as the originator and leaves the recipient empty. I want to search for every email sent from

The first idea that I had to make this work was with something like this:

{% searchmanager id="search1" search='index=testindex | eval orig="$originatorKey$" | eval recipient="$recipientKey$" | search ... ' %}

Perhaps using a where clause as well as len to determine if the origin or the recipient should be included or not. But I don't want to follow this path. By using search='index=testindex' the whole index is fetched and this takes a long long time.

Then I thought about this one:

search='index=testindex origin="$originatorKey$" OR recipient="$recipientKey$" | where ((len("$originatorKey$") > 0 AND origin="$originatorKey$") OR len("$originatorKey$")==0) AND ((len("$recipientKey$") > 0 AND recipient="$recipientKey$") OR len("$recipientKey$")==0)'

But it would be better if I could determine beforehand if I need to search for the origin and the recipient or just one of them.

Is this possible?


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Re: Process User input before search


Why not set a default for the input fields of * and use this search?

search='index=testindex origin="$originatorKey$" recipient="$recipientKey$"'

That way, if the user leaves one field empty, you will search for * instead, which seems much easier. Using your example, imagine the user inputs as the originator and leaves the recipient empty. The search template would parse to

search='index=testindex origin="me@examplecom" recipient="*"'

which should find every email sent from

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