Problems with Splunk "eventType=connect_fail"

Good afternoon,

How can i check that the forwarders are sending the logs correctly? I have the following error in my logs:

"eventType=connect_fail" in metrics.log

metrics.log:12-17-2014 09:38:48.529 +0100 INFO StatusMgr - destHost=10.26.XX.XX, destIp=10.26.XX.XX, destPort=9997, eventType=connect_fail, publisher=tcpout, sourcePort=8089, statusee=TcpOutputProcessor

This event produce that the los are not been sending correctly, them i need know if any option in the program execution can check if splunk is sending or not the data to the server.

And, can i resolve this issue in the configuration with some parameter? This issue only appear in determinate times isn't fixed.

Thanks and regards.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I downvoted this post because this did not answer the question. how did you get it working?

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