Problem in posting question

My Splunk account is used for my company purpose. One of my teammates also created an acocunt but she didnot get a verification mail sent to her registered account which is the company mail id. Hence she is not able to use the account to post the questions. She tried to create a new account with the same mail id but Splunk tells it as already registered id. She even tried to reset her password through Forgot Password so as to check if she is able to get the mail from Splunk. The message was displayed on the browser that the mail has been sent but it didnot land up in her office inbox.

However other users registered for the same company is able to receive mails and post questions.
Please advise.

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Sounds like an issue with her email. Did you check Junk or Spam folders? Other than that, contact support.

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yes, pleaase contact Support.

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contact support. /K

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