Performance problem OPC UA for Splunk

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I'm having problems when getting metrics to add a new input on OPC UA for Splunk.
My OPC server is conected with OPC UA on Splunk but the process to getting metrics does not end and does not appear error messages too. Please, see the screens below.

Is import to say that my OPC server has almost 17000 TAGs, by default all them are enable to reading by OPC Client and is not possible to manipulate it.

I did the following tests:
1) the OPC server was conected with three others differents OPC clients normally, so its not problem with OPC server.
2) the number of TAGs on OPC server was reduced to a hundred and was possible add new inputs without problems.
3) when TAG's numbers was restaured to 17000 the input's quality added on test 2 passed to "BAD".
4) lastly, I used the Read Node's structure of test 2 trying to add inputs manually but its unenable too. EX.: [{"NodeID":{"IdentifierType":1,"NamespaceIndex":2,"Identifier":"0:SERVER.P10300614.FCV"},"Tag":"objects.Intellution.OPCiFIX.SERVER.AI.P10300614.FCV"}]

It seems the OPC UA Splunk is not able to get the metrics due to number of TAGs of the OPC server.

Has anyone doing similar? Can someone help me?

alt text
alt text

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