Peer status - down

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I need urgent help. What schould I do to start one peer in my cluster.
When I watch the status of indexers I receive:

[splunk@lx12mu bin]$ ./splunk show cluster-bundle-status

Guid: 2C865A2B-7BBC-4802-9299-8DC49733572F

ServerName: i32_lx12mw

Status: Up

Latest Bundle: b517d999badbcbe247bc45699bb96e3e

Active Bundle: b517d999badbcbe247bc45699bb96e3e

Guid: 705032DF-8008-4812-A5E5-9171C2A0E2B8

ServerName: i11_lx12mx

Status: Down

Bundle Validation Status: Validation successful

Latest Bundle:

Active Bundle: 3c5264ff18cbebddb68038012e5117b5

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Path Finder

Start on linux/unix from standard install location:
/opt/splunk/bin/splunk start

ps -ef | grep splunk

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Do you know the server named i11_lx12mx is up and running? According to this CLI output that machine might be down

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