Password doesn't work on home computer but does work on internet site

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When I use the password on the internet it works and on the home computer it does not work and I've got no option to change it or anything else???

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Two suggestions:

Look at raw logs here: $SPLUNKHOME/var/log/web*.log

Search for:

index=_internal ERROR

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My password doesn't work at home,
but on the internet may, 
And yet as white as ocean's foam,
My response will heresy say.

Change your password, that you wish?
O, consider the repercussions.
For if you change it, like a fish,  
Your thoughts have much interruption.

Answer me these questions three,
or else your quest is at an end.
 Why is there no adjusting fee?
Or why, perhaps, there is a bend?

Around the curve your sanity rides,
Where it stops, no one confides. 


...come again?

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I'm going to second @Ayn's reaction. You need to provide more details and context on what exactly you're talking about. Right now, this doesn't sound like it's a Splunk specific question.

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