PHP Splunk SDK Graphical Report/ Dashboard



I am currently new in splunk and I am trying php sdk.
Is there anyway I can display dashboard that I generated from my splunk to my php sdk page? Do I need to use a separate tool? Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

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Two options:

  • Run a query using the PHP SDK and render the results using whatever your favourite flavour of graphing library is
  • Embed the dashboard URL directly as an IFrame - this manual page is quite a few versions old but should get you 90% of the way there and I can't find anything newer on the Splunk Developer Portal:


Thanks Sir,
I am running in circle for days with this matter, I tried google charts but the retrieving of data of php sdk stores only in one variable I'm still analyzing how to break it down in separate variables so I can echo it to specific part of the graph that I will be using.
Thanks again!

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