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Hello, I was trying to send a pdf report thru email by using a saved search, and in the email an error messages display and no PDF attached.

An error occurred while generating a PDF of this report: Failed to generate PDF: PDF server at /services/pdfserver/renderpdf returned error: Failed to generate a report using Firefox:[timeout] Timed out while waiting for the page to fully render

I am suspecting that the search run too long. Is there a way to increase the timeout limit?


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After checking with Splunk's log, the saved search in question only took less than 10 seconds to complete. The result csv file is 849 KB in size and contains about 6k of events. I no longer think the timeout is caused by search running too long.

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I have tried your suggestion. However, after making the change, splunk could not send the mail.

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Splunk Employee

There is a setting that dictates how long firefox will wait to receive the completed search from the Splunk server. You can increase this timeout by setting the firefox_timeout value on the pdf_server side. This setting would reside under the [settings] stanza in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/pdfserver/local/pdf_server.conf.

screenshot_enabled = True
restrict_to_splunkweb = False
firefox_timeout = 340

I believe the default is a four minutes (240), so increase this to something greater than the search job duration.

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Thanks Simeon. But after increase the firefox_timeout to 240(or 300, I believe the default timeout value is 180), emails that should at least have the PDF server error message has stopped sending. And I no longer think the error is caused by the saved search running too long. The saved search took less than 10 seconds to complete according to the savedsplunker log.

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