Optiv Threat Intel: Why are there no logs formed?

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I am having some difficulty with the OpTiv Threat Intel app and am troubleshooting why there are no logs formed. I have minimal data in the troubleshooting section that gives me the following 3 lines:

[*] Starting python threat list script. 
[*] Starting python get alerts script.
[*] Looking for old log files to clear.

I've changed these over to the full path for the Windows machine:

./bin/ splunk_home = '/opt/splunk' 
./bin/"/opt/splunk/bin/splunk cmd python" 
./bin/ splunk_home = '/opt/splunk' 

Reset and reloaded, and nothing populates. I've uninstalled and done a clean reinstall with the same results. There are no log files created in the var/log directory to assist with trouble shooting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There are four files to edit when using a different file path. See this other thread please:

Specifically the BAT file listed is what you'll need the path corrected.

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