Official/robust Splunk/Salesforce integration


Salesforce is becoming the global leader in CRM/Sales services, but Splunk doesn't seem to have a "certified" or "official" solution to index Salesforce events/log data/etc.

The only app for Salesforce/Splunk integration is "TA-SFDC", that is highly unsupported and unreliable (we've tested it).

Is Splunk planning for a solution to index cloud (Salesforce in particular) data?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes we have just build such a tool doing it across multiple cloud apps and send to any SIEM or Splunk.

Have a look at

This is our module called 'SkyFormation Extend' that is doing exactly this for any business cloud app as Salesforce, Google App, ServiceNow, Office 365 and more. We extarct the events unified and classify them then send to Splunk ready for action.
It is a Java app you can install as on-premise on any machine you want, and it will take you 5 minutes to set it up.

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Hi. You can try to use the Splunk Cloud App. It has SFDC integration. I am currently testing it now. Looks pretty good so far.

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There are just a few "official" or "certified" Splunk apps. Most are made by the community / 3rd parties. Why not join the development community by making a Salesforce app?

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We've already heavily modified the TA-SFDC app for our needs and fixed some bugs, but we don't have time and resources to build a full-fledged app. Splunk should build an integration with cloud systems more closely into the product IMHO.

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