Not really a question but: Do you have good memes?


Hi guys,

we have some memes which were made quite some weeks ago.

Do you have any memes that refer to your experience with Splunk? I am sure there are many great ideas out there for memes.
Either post them here, or maybe we can collect memes from all over the world and put the best ones together in a blog post or something like that. I would do that.
If we'd get a blog post, I would collect the good memes and send them to Splunk.

Here are a two of our favorites.

One we came up with when we upgraded to 6.5:

And our struggle with Universal Forwarders in the past:
alt text

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to upload more memes to this post.


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this is a wonderful website:

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

use with caution. Known to swallow productive workdays!

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yes, wonderful!=productive

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