Need to renew trail license once again to same trail version for 60 more days ??

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i have been using my trail version of 60 days in splunk enterprise version. need to renew the same license for another 60 days ?

because i have made some some dashboards and loaded some data in indexes... which im showing as demo to my client to purchase splunk..

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Greetings @salmanbpc,

Please see here:

If you'd like to keep using the Enterprise Trial License, the proper course would be to reach out to Splunk directly to get an extended license. If you'll be purchasing it anyway, you may as well get a sales representative sooner rather than later. If you're okay with the restrictions of the unlimited free license, you're more than welcome to choose that option instead.


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Hi salmanbpc,
it's not possible to renew the first trial license, the only way is to ask a new trial to Splunk Sales.

Anyway, see at if the feature that you need for your demo is still in the free version: e.g. if you need to show some dashboards but you don't need of distributed search or alerts, you can use the free license.

At the same time, if your company is a Splunk Partner, you can have a Not For Resale license.


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