Need to do a presentation using Splunk, not sure where to begin.

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Hey there,

I have to do a presentation using Splunk dashboards for a job interview. And I'm kind of confused on where to start.

I've been using Splunk at my current job and we've always used our own company data. However now I'm not sure exactly what logs and what data to use. I've been searching online but I couldn't find anything other than the sample data in the tutorial.

Also, what are the best Splunk tutorials? I'm stuck here and I'm not sure exactly what to use to build the dashboards. These questions are basic however if I could get a push in the right direction that would be much better.

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Re: Need to do a presentation using Splunk, not sure where to begin.


@epyonblack, Following could be some of quick methods to get sample logs/real-time data:

1) Splunk Documentation on Search Tutorial has the tutorial simulated data for buttercup games. This data is cooked up every week for the past week and uploaded.

2) The Eventgen app on Splunkbase generates dummy data based on what you set up. Refer to blog:

3) Splunk's _internal logs can also be used to general dashboards as Splunk uses these logs to monitor itself.

4) If you are on Windows machine, you can also turn Performance Monitor on your local machine to get real-time CPU, Memory, disk utilization or using Event Monitoring get the Event Viewer logs of your local machine.

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