Need help stopping Splunk Answers from reformatting data


I am trying to post a question in Splunk Answers that contains odd line numbers and some backslashes. For example:

2.4 First line
2.5 Second line
2.6 Third line

I typed "2.4 First line", "2.5 Second line", "2.6 Third line" and the forum is rounding my numbers (according to the preview). I also have some data that has odd character sequences in it and the forum is breaking it up and putting part of it in a box. I guess in am looking for a text only mode with no fancy formatting or numbering.

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The forum is similar to a wiki page in that it tries to format the text for easy reading based on what you type. Obviously, it's not getting it right. See for how what you type affects the formatting. To prevent format changes, put your text into a code box by highlighting and then clicking the "101010" icon.

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