My management URI is not showing correctly in the rest endpoint info


I am getting an incorrect value for the mgmt_uri value when accessing the rest endpoint /services/shcluster/status

This is on a search head node on a search head cluster on version 6.3.3

My server.conf shows the following:

disabled = 0
pass4SymmKey = $1$asdfasdfasdf
shcluster_label = PROD_SHC
id = 26FBD1A2-8388-43A2-A1FC-C2EA9C9021D6
mgmt_uri =
conf_deploy_fetch_url =
scheduling_heuristic = round_robin
replication_factor = 1
election = false
mode = captain
captain_uri =
captain_is_adhoc_searchhead = false

alt text

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This answer suggests that management uri is read from memory in the case of Static Captain.

I had similar issues with Static Captain, and instead set dynamic election and preferred captain on the search head I wanted. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/server.conf [shclustering] stanza looks like this:

conf_deploy_fetch_url = **REDACTED**
disabled = 0
mgmt_uri = **REDACTED**
pass4SymmKey = **REDACTED**
replication_factor = 2
id = **REDACTED**
adhoc_searchhead = true
preferred_captain = true
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Background on this setup:
I have 2 search head nodes in a cluster. The captain is static.

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